Four Star Private Detective Agency

Mr. Van Nouhuys has over 45 years' combined law enforcement, investigative and high-level security experience.  In addition to his extensive law enforcement and solid investigative background, Mr. Van Nouhuys has served over 25 years with Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Security Division overseeing highly-classified and privileged logistical information.  He also served in the Executive Protection Division for Atlanta-based RJR Nabisco, strategically implementing key security measures for its corporate and headquarters officers.  Mr. Van Nouhuys served as a Loss Prevention Manager with Kmart, streamlining their loss prevention program utilizing strategic key investigative techniques, increasing high margin profits and recoupment of inventoried merchandise.  Among his many accomplishments was strategically utilizing his investigative abilities to successfully solve numerous internal cases delivering positive and cost-productive outcomes.

Mr. Van Nouhuys also served the City of Marietta Police Department in various strategic capacities, including a S.T.E.P. (Strategic Traffic Enforcement Patrol).  Mr. Van Nouhuys was honored to serve our Country in the United States Air Force / Air Police serving in the Pacific Air Command during the Viet-Nam war in Okinawa, Japan, later serving Stateside in the Strategic Air Command in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. 

Mr. Van Nouhuys created his private investigative company in 1996 and holds the position of Founder and Owner of Four Star Private Detective Agency.  As a professional executive, he has successfully managed and solved hundreds of complex cases for attorneys, corporate executives, companies and individuals.  His proven success record includes civil and criminal cases, corporate and individual surveillance as well as state and local process service-related projects. 

Mr. Van Nouhuys is a proven, renowned leader in the investigative industry, holds various licenses, and maintains key security-related resources to assist with all investigative projects.  His confidentiality is impeccable.  His professionalism, knowledge and expertise are notable, honorable and trustworthy.